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Using CM 1200, Four WAN IP Addresses, Router configuration for each WAN IP?

I have an ISP with four WAN IPs. I have a CM1200 to deploy each IP. I have two RAX30 routers to seek to have an external IP go to an internal LAN IP address. The first router, with IP of, the gateway, works and directs external IP to the internal IP.


How do I configure the second router? If I configure as, this receives traffic direct to the second WAN address (it shows in logs), however, it is never received on the internal, LAN, IP specified. Is not in log traffic. 


I have talked with support with no help. 


Either external WAN IP works as long as the internal router is, but no configuration seems to allow them to co-exist. 


Please advise. I can't be the first to want to configure multiple routers to work with the CM 1200. 

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