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Web firmware upgrade for GS108Ev3 failing

I wante to upgrade to version 2.00.05 but don't have a Windows machine handy. So I thought I'd use the web interface.


After entering "loader mode" on the switch, I uploaded the firmware, only to find the router stuck in this Loader mode with no way of getting out.


I tried:

* reboot

* power off/on

* holding factory reset for >1min (no effect at all).


What ever I do, I only ever get back to this firmware loader screen. I've seen a similar issue for a previous version (https://community.netgear.com/t5/Managed-Switches/GS108E-Firmware-Upgrade-Issues/td-p/372672) which was solved by using TFTP to upload the firmware. That did not seem to work in my case.


Any ideas, or do I need to get hold of a Windows machine and try the utility?

Who Me Too'd this topic