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DC112A firmware update fails reopen


DC112A firmware update fails reopen

The following thread appears closed for new comment so i started this thread since the firmware update failure problem is still unresolved by netgear.




To confirm I have DC112A-2RDMES for Oreedoo purchased on ebay in good faith currently with firmware V1.0.0.14_1.0.60 and I need to update it to the latest available firmware promised by Netgear that is due to serious security bugs. Currently any attempt to update the firmware to the latest available for this model as confirmed by Netgear results in failure with message: "Firmware is invalid"



Hardware VersionDC112A  V1.0
Firmware VersionV1.0.0.14_1.0.60
GUI Language VersionV1.0.0.42_2.1.38.3
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