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Netgear equipment to use with a hotspot 2019


Netgear equipment to use with a hotspot 2019

Hello all,

Looking for help to find a newer solution to my home network. Currently I am using a Sprint Hotspot device(MV920VS) there is no cable or decent DSL service in my area. The hotspot is limited to 10 connected wireless devices and has no ethernet ports. To connect my wired pc's, printer and weather station and also to increase the number of wireless devices on my network I am using a Netis WF2419 router. The WF2419 is setup with wireless WAN settings connected to the MV920VS allowing the pc's and other devices Internet access. I have found older solutions, not as old as the WF2419 (from 2013) but nothing current. I bought a RAX35 router but it appears not to have the functions I need.  Looking on the NETGEAR website I do not find a unit that list wireless WAN but terms are so intermixed on these things I wanted some help to stop wasting time and money.

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Re: Netgear equipment to use with a hotspot 2019

Netgear M1 with LAN ethernet port should have all the features 

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Re: Netgear equipment to use with a hotspot 2019

Found my own solution after buying a few other wireless routers/repeater. The one I found that is working well is a AMPEDWIRELESS High Power AC2200 WI-FI Range Extender (RE2200T), easy setup, found my hotspot device as soon as it was turned on. set my passwords for each frequency 2.4ghz, 5ghz and unit did its reset and now my wired pc's are connected to my hotspot.

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