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Nighthawk 5G Mobile Hospot Pro for AT&T


Nighthawk 5G Mobile Hospot Pro for AT&T

Hi all..new to forum. Hope this question is appropriate. I spend a lot of time working from the road and need to maximize internet access. Just bought and connected a Nighthawk 5G Mobile Hotspot Pro WiFI 6 to my AT&T cellular network. I also have a phone that acts as a hotspot. Thought the nighthawk, as dedicated router, would perform better than my phone but when i run speedtest, phone is MUCH faster. Is there a setting i should change or an explanation? I am regretting having lowered the data on my phone in order to add the nighthawk to my account. Any help appreciated. Thank you!

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Re: Nighthawk 5G Mobile Hospot Pro for AT&T

Can you help to capture a model.json file following the steps below.


You can send private message to me for the info.


- Logon to the webui ( ) as an administrator
- Navigate to URL via the same browser window
- Capture the results (by selecting all + copy) and send it back




John Peng
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