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Netgear D500 N150 Windows 10 Upgrade


Netgear D500 N150 Windows 10 Upgrade

I am from India. I've had purchased D500 N150 ADSAL modem+router couple of months back. I have connected and using it with the BSNL broadband without any issues. The download speed is hit close to 8 Mpbs as per my Broadband plan My laptop has the OS Windows 7 ultimate version. Yesterday, I upgraded my OS to windows 10 pro yesterday. From the product catalog I learnt that this model supports only for Win 7,8,8.1,XP, 2000, Unix etc and Win 10 is not listed. Also, I noticed the download speed drastically reduced close to 1 Mbps. I would like to understand whether this model supports WIndows 10 OS? is this drop in speed is really based on this or will it could be the issue with the BSNL? Can someone please help me?

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Re: Netgear D500 N150 Windows 10 Upgrade

Typically modem/routers are OS agnostic. They don't care what OS you're running, it is the TCP/IP protocol stack that must comply with standards and from my experience Win10's stack does comply. When you login to the modem/router what does it show your connection speed at? Have you tried rebooting the modem/router? If your modem/router does not support IPv6 you could try disabling that on your PC. I've seen a couple of cases where having IPv6 enabled on a network that doesn't support it cause problems. I believe it is most likely that your problem is at the ISP.

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Re: Netgear D500 N150 Windows 10 Upgrade

As well as looking at the communications setup on your hardware, check that Windows 10 has the correct drivers for all the communications protocols and hardware that you use.


The "vanilla" version ships with some generic drivers that are not as good as those by people who made the wifi and network chips, for example.


It can help to look for "motherboard drivers". Windows update doesn't handle these. Check the laptop maker's website.


Windows 10 broke some older wifi hardware. With luck, your kit won't be among it.

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Re: Netgear D500 N150 Windows 10 Upgrade

Thank you very much the replies earlier. I resolved the issue by hard reset wirless modem router. After reset and reboot the modem the speed becomes normal as per my expectation. Thanks again.

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