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Trouble with netgear genie


Trouble with netgear genie

I have a Nighthawk AC1900 WiFi VDSL/ADSL Modem Router Model D7000

I use Netgear Genie from my iPhone.

Recently, when I am at home, in my WiFi environment, I cannot use Netgear Genie with local access. If I log in to local access, and then click on network map, I can't see the attached devices. However, if I log into Remote access, I can see attached devices. I should be able to use Local Access when I am at home. I tried deleted the app and re-installing it, but it didn't help. Any ideas?

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Re: Trouble with netgear genie

This sounds like an odd one.  To start off, I have to ask the basic/silly questions:

1) Did you confirm that your iphone is on the local network?  It's easy to forget to turn your phone's wifi back on if you had turned it off at one point.

2) When reinstalling the Genie app on your iPhone, did you re-enter your router login credentials? 


I ask the second question in part because there are two ways of "deleting" things from an iPhone.  The incomplete way of deleting is to simply hold down the icon 'til it shakes, click the X, and poof!  Unfortunately, this leaves a residue of your app settings in iCloud, such that if you want the app again, you're just re-downloading it.  If you had garbage settings in there originally, such as a misspelled password, these garbage settings will persist.  You'll see an iCloud symbol with a down arrow instead of the normal "get" download icon or whatever.  I admit I haven't done a complete uninstall of an app before, but I believe if your phone is connected to your computer you can manage apps throuth iTunes and do a complete uninstall.  A Google search may provide more specific information on how to fully uninstall an iOS app along with all of its hidden residue.  FWIW, this residueis the equivalent of MacOS's hidden library folder, or Windows' registry.

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