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router won't update firmware


router won't update firmware

I have been trying to update my routers firmware Model D7000, but for some unknown reason it gets to the part about the router is updating then says it cant update im really confused ive followed every procedure to the tee i think but still no luck. Please help.

Model: D7000|Nighthawk AC1900 VDSL/ADSL Modem Router
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Re: router won't update firmware

Log into your router settings, navigate to Others tab, click Documentation. You will be taken to website. Enter model number. The available downloads will be visible on the screen. It looks like is the latest version for our model. Click on download and follow procedure to install. I performed my update this way and now have the latest firmware version

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Re: router won't update firmware

I had the same issue when trying to update my D6400. The only way I could get it to load the firmware was to turn the router off and then back on again.


I suspect it had fallen victim to the attack the latest firmware is meant to fix. I can only hope my personal information and online transactions have not been compromised by this beach!

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Re: router won't update firmware

Update through the genie to get an on-line update? Or using the interface to flash a local copy of the retrieved file?


The new firmware for the D6400 started as a beta release, which meant that it was invisible to the on-line genie. It is now an official release, so the wizard should detect and offer to install it.


Get your copy here:


D6400 Firmware Version | Answer | NETGEAR Support


There have been no sightings that I have seen reported here of the bug that the update is designed to fix. 



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Re: router won't update firmware

In my case I was trying to update using the download beta firmware via the web interface on my desktop computer. It would go through the motions of downloading and flashing the firmware but the progress bar got to the end and the egg time kept spinning. 


Only powering off my D6400 and powering back on allowed the firmware to install. 

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