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RBRE960 forces DHCP in Access Point Mode

Jun 20, 2024 12:12:33 PM

When in AP mode, the Orbi forces the 3rd octet to be .2 (xxx.xxx.2.xxx).   There is no configuration available for DHCP or to change any of the settings.  It is also NOT documented anywhe...

Ready NAS Ultra 6 Dead??

Jun 20, 2024 11:02:44 AM

Greetings, I have an old reliable Readynas 6 Ultra with 6X2 TB Hard Drives.   It has run pretty flawlessly for the time i owned it. never did any updates to memory, but i was religious abou...


Jun 20, 2024 10:47:45 AM

RBR760 2 satellites, 1is 2.4ghz the 2nd is at 5ghz. I have a heat source pump which need to connect to 2.4ghz and won’t connect. Any help with this please.

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Can't destroy/erase raid volume

Jun 19, 2024 10:15:12 AM

Hi, I had a very very similar problem to this one: https://community.netgear.com/t5/Using-your-ReadyNAS-in-Business/The-volume-data-encountered-an-error-and-was-made-read-only-It/m-p/2161969 I...

Router and switch connections

Jun 18, 2024 6:26:29 PM

I use a XR1000 router and a GS108v4 unmanaged switch, and I'd like to know if I can (without problems) and should (would get speed/routing benefits) connect them using more than one Cat6 Ethernet cab...

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Re: Upstream/Downstream

May 23, 2024 10:45:17 AM

Is the model of the modem the CM1200?    Please post a copy and paste of the modems connection status and event log page. https://kb.netgear.com/30007/How-do-I-obtain-the-cable-connect...


May 23, 2024 10:39:38 AM

Hello, Since I'd have to pay for support with Netgear CS I'm making this post. My upstream & downstream LEDs blink all the time and not just the normal flicker. I've power cycled many times an...

Transmit Power (TRP) setting in RAX43

Jun 1, 2024 5:11:38 AM

Netgear RAX43 -100EU Firmware Version V1.0.16.132_2.0.92 The router manual states that Transmit Power Control setting on the Netgear Nighthawk RAX43 can be found as follows: ...

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