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Login: new phone-number for the code

Jul 4, 2022 1:57:16 AM

Dear all, i have a new phone-number and now i  don't find the section  where i  can update this number.  As result, as i try to logon  on my AC2000,  the system sends t...

r6700v3 - Firmware Check Error

Jul 4, 2022 1:01:51 AM

First experienced wifi speed issues, paying xfinity for gigabite plan but only getting 50 - 160 mbps through router. When plugged into directly to modem, gets about 990 mbps.    Attempted...

r6400 v2 Schedule for blocking services

Jul 3, 2022 9:51:27 PM

I have set up my router to block all services from 22:10 to 5:30.  I have the latest firmware download to date. The problem is that sometimes it blocks when it should not and other times it doe...

SRR60 dropping internet

Jul 3, 2022 9:49:24 PM

Router drops internet every 5 secs or so. Rebooted many times With no effects Don't know were to look for the problem. Good not find the fix here in the previous malfunction Have latest firmware ...

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ORBI 963E And Which Satellite Acquires A Device

Jul 3, 2022 11:14:46 AM

I know this has been discussed before - but my purpose of this post is if someone has figured out a way to solve this problem in a ORBI 963E and Satellites System. I have a ORBI 963E Router and 3 Sa...

Attached new CM700 to my old R7000

Jul 2, 2022 5:14:12 PM

I replaced my CM500 which had stopped working with a new CM700 today.  I connected my Surface Pro 6 running Windows 10 directly to the CM700 and contacted my ISP (WOW).  I gave the ISP the ...

ReadyNAS Duo Connection to Chrome OS

Jul 2, 2022 4:37:09 AM

I cannot connect my ReadyNAS Duo v2 to my Chrome OS Pixel Slate. Windows 11 no longer supports connection to the ReadyNAS (I can still see the contents via the RAIDar 4.3.8 app on Win 11 but can't e...

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Orbi Pro SXR30 SXS30 wired backhaul

Jun 6, 2022 2:38:03 PM

I have a brand new Orbi setup and having nothing but issues with it. My setup is: Downstairs Virgin router->switch with SXR 30 plugged into it Switch->cat5 cable through ceiling to middle fl...

Re: Orbi Pro SXR30 SXS30 wired backhaul

Jun 6, 2022 2:57:26 PM

The User Manual for the SXR30 system may hold information:    Page 29 explains how to access the web management using...

Re: Orbi Pro SXR30 SXS30 wired backhaul

Jun 6, 2022 2:59:12 PM

p.s. It's probably a good idea to identify the specific brand/model of switches in the network. There can be problems with certain switches, especially when the switches support IGMP Snooping.

Re: Orbi Pro SXR30 SXS30 wired backhaul

Jun 6, 2022 3:00:55 PM

Make sure the SXS are ethernet connected behind the SXR, not in parallel with the SXR at the switch.

Re: Orbi Pro SXR30 SXS30 wired backhaul

Jun 7, 2022 6:24:59 AM

Hi @ColdFire3000  Thanks for the network diagram. This makes more clear. We are tracking your issue internally. Will reach out to you if we need more info. Have a good day!   Raghu

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