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Nighthawk c7800

Aug 14, 2022 8:38:55 PM

I recently replaced my Verizon router with the nighthawk c7800 and now non of my Apple devices will print. I have three different printers on the network. All are up and running. I can print to them ...

Nighthawk M6 MR6500 VOIP SIP ALG Dynamic DNS

Aug 14, 2022 8:31:51 PM

VOIP does not work using the Nighthawk M6 MR6500 over Telstra 4G.   1st issue is with SIP ALG. I called my VOIP provider, they said I needed to disable SIP ALG. How do I do this? There is no...

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GS208 with VoIP

Aug 14, 2022 5:12:31 AM

Hi,   I use a couple of GS208 (v2) switches on a Nighthawk R6000, in turn connected via the providers hub (bricked to MODEM mode only). Internally, my network is all Gigabit cabled, externally...


Aug 14, 2022 3:52:12 AM

I change my windows 10 home addition  wifi adapter to intel wifi 6e ax210 ALL Driver are upto date and Orbi ENABLE wifi 6E. mode. but still not showing on my laptop.  my product details ar...

RBR350 Guest Network Log Question

Aug 14, 2022 1:34:53 AM

Have an Orbi 352 with router and 1 wired satellite. Have set up a Guest network for IoT devices. Looking at the log files, I see multiple repeat entries mainly for devices on the Guest Network. &nbs...

Lost RAX10 power adapter

Aug 13, 2022 12:24:57 PM

This is not a typical issue... I recently moved and in the process of unplugging network devices at my old location I accidentally sent my Charter modem back with my Netgear power adapter. The adapte...

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Re: What is MYSIMPLELINK connected to my Router?

Jul 27, 2022 10:40:25 AM

If you see mysimplelink on your WiFi it's part of the Ring video doorbell system but it's actually the Wireless Chime. So you should have the Video Doorbell and The Wireless Chime in the WiFi list. ...

Re: How to connect 2.4GHZ Devices

Jul 25, 2022 12:26:04 PM

@CrimpOn  Your solution worked like a champ for my Feit Flood Light & Security Camera Combo.  Super easy and connected in 30 seconds after the settings swap.  Appreciate the time t...

Re: Can't update SXR80 / SXS80 firmware

Jul 22, 2022 10:37:07 AM

Its a bit poor that I bought a very expensive router and 2 satellites yesterday and have to waste time to find it's got duff firmware in it that you've know about since the start of the year...

Re: Can't update SXR80 / SXS80 firmware

Jul 24, 2022 8:28:03 PM

Hi   We had a bug on firmware upgrade when SXK80 firmware version is less than 3.2.5.x.  You need to manually upgrade the firmware to resolve the auto-upgrade issue.   Bruce

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