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Wifi to my pool area

Mar 31, 2023 12:41:42 PM

I have an older model modem/router. C700v2 nighthawk. I’m looking to get wifi out by my pool area which is about 100 fr from my router. The electricians ran a cat 6 wire out to the pool area. So I ju...

No Internet when I enable VPN on my R6260 router

Mar 31, 2023 11:45:37 AM

Hi. I am trying to enable the VPN service on my R6260 in order to be able to connect to my home network remotely. However, as soon as I click Apply, I lose Internet connection, with a message in WiFi...

Nighthawk rax70 proper ipv6 settings for Comcast

Mar 31, 2023 11:08:47 AM

I'm having trouble finding out the proper settings for ipv6 with Comcast on nighthawk rax70. It's currently set to off. Comcast keeps telling me to contact my router manufacturer. Can anyone tell me ...

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NOTICE: ARMOR or SPC Cloud Error

Mar 31, 2023 7:07:45 AM

For users with Armor or Smart Parental Control subscriptions, there seems to be an outage happening currently.  Users attempting to enter into the Armor tile may see a cloud error displayed.&n...

Parental Controls gone RBR750

Mar 31, 2023 5:38:42 AM

This morning my parental controls are gone.  Rebooted, nothing.  Tried to enable parental controls, cloud error.  Uninstalled app, reinstalled, now my subscriptions do not show up and ...

Discontinued RBR750?

Mar 30, 2023 1:24:07 PM

I want to purchase an additional satellite but Orbi RBR750 AX4200 seems discontinued. Which newer model satellite can I buy that is compatible to previous system?

MK63S not showing devices

Mar 30, 2023 9:34:45 AM

I have an MK63S with two satellites. When I look for connected devices either on the Nighthawk app or via a web browser, none of the connected devices show up. They are all on firmware version 1.1.7....

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Re: Netgear Terminating ReadyCLOUD Service

Mar 1, 2023 3:39:26 PM

Many things you can do on a do-it-yourself NAS can also be done on the ReadyNAS.  You can even add a do-it-yourself box, even a pretty lame one, and mount the NAS as external storage.  I ha...

Re: Netgear Terminating ReadyCLOUD Service

Mar 1, 2023 5:58:04 PM

@Sandshark wrote: When ReadyNAS Remote went away, I looked for something similar to it and decided on ZeroTier.  I'm not sure about @StephenB , but I believe the same is true f...

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