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NETGEAR Mobile Applications and Android/Apple Devices FAQ


NETGEAR Mobile Applications and Android/Apple Devices FAQ


Since Apples introduction of WiFi Private IP address and Limit IP tracking and iCloud Private Relay in there iOS, this seems to have been causing problems for users of Netgear's mobile applications, i.e. Nighthawk and Orbi applications on iPhones and iPads being able to connect correctly to Netgear router products.


What is:

WiFi Private IP Address:
"Apple platforms use a randomized media access control address (MAC address) when performing Wi-Fi scans when not associated with a Wi-Fi network. These scans can be performed to find and connect to a known Wi-Fi network or to assist Location Services for apps that use geofences, such as location-based reminders or fixing a location in Apple Maps."



Limit IP Address Tracking:
"Limit IP address tracking is a privacy-enhancing feature currently only seen on iPhones or iPadOS devices with cellular connectivity. This feature can be activated on your device if you are running iOS 15.2 RC 2 or higher. Once enabled, your IP address will be hidden from identifiable trackers in Apple’s database. This feature will only work in Safari & Mail, for now, using another browser or Mail app will leave you exposed to trackers.


iCloud Private Relay:
"When Private Relay is enabled, your requests are sent through two separate, secure internet relays. Your IP address is visible to your network provider and to the first relay, which is operated by Apple. Your DNS records are encrypted, so neither party can see the address of the website you’re trying to visit. The second relay, which is operated by a third-party content provider, generates a temporary IP address, decrypts the name of the website you requested and connects you to the site."



When users are at home that these features may not be needed as there would be no reason to have additional security features on the iOS devices enabled while being at home and that these features are more suited for out of home or remote use while away from home and the local home network.



For troubleshooting these problems with Netgear mobile applications, Apples WiFi Private IP address and Limit IP tracking on Apple iPhones and iPads can be disabled while at home to see if this helps resolve Netgear's mobile app in connecting to the Netgear router.

Try turning OFF WiFi Private IP address and Limit IP tracking features are found on the same screen page:


iCloud Relay can be turned off as a troubleshooting step as well though may not be needed in most cases:


Also seen on Android OSs as well:





NOTE: These are troubleshooting steps only and recommended trying if all other troubleshooting steps fail. Remember to enable these Android/Apple features when using Android/Apple devices normally or remotely outside of the home network.


If users still see problems with the mobile app after trying the solution, please submit a bug using the submit bug feature in the app:



Or contact Netgear support:


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