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wifi mesh systems


wifi mesh systems

Looking to get a wifi mesh system.  Currently use Nighthawk with an extender - it is horrible - can't connect even within house.  question is do I go with the new Orbi Wifi 6 system (RBK752) AX4200 OR Netgear Orbi Whole Home Mesh WiFi System with Advanced Cyber Threat Protection, 3-Pack (RBK53S-100NAS)?  Would like coverage for home @4,400 sqft and also outside.  I think wifi 6 is the latest technology?  Any thoughts or suggestions out there?  Thanks so much in advance for any assistance.


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Re: wifi mesh systems

wifi 6 is the latest but its also a lot more expensive. 

both should cover that much area but other things impact performance than just size. 

What is your home made of for interior walls? Certain materials block wifi much better than others. 

What speeds are you paying for? 

do you plan on upgrading speeds? 

how many devices are you trying to support? 

What activites do you do? (streaming, gaming, etc)

Current setup: CM2000-> RBKE963B-> Trendnet TEG-S380-> GS716T-> pi-hole
also in AP setup: RAXE500->EAX80
1.4gig download/50mbps upload from Xfinity
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