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Help setting up new WiFi router


Help setting up new WiFi router

Hello everyone, please bear in mind that I have minimal knowledge of networking.

I recently just bought an AX1800 WiFi 6 router to replace my old AC750 router which was becoming very slow and lasted for a few years.

I thought that my setup was complete through a router setup website, not the Nighthawk app, and I was able to join the WiFi on my phone and laptop with a WiFi name and password, but I had no internet access. I should also mention that all the lights on the router were green, except the Ethernet light (4th one) when I plugged in the power and Ethernet cable. I knew something was wrong when my Ring doorbell lost internet connection but wasn’t connecting to the new Internet.

Frustrated, I went back to my old router since I needed some Internet for my home. Another thing I should mention is that I never have use a modem device. My AC750 had an Internet connection straight to an Ethernet port in the wall through an Ethernet cable and it worked just fine, so I never needed one. However, now when I try plugging in the cable from the new router to the wall, it doesn’t work. Only the power light is on, which switches from orange to red.

I have trouble using the Nighthawk app to setup, as I’ve never used it before, and it had me scan a QR code to connect to the WiFi, which I had connected to before, but now it never shows up. I tried pressing the reset button on the back but no success.

Did I mess something up? Do I need to buy a separate modem for this router? Or should I return it? Any help is appreciated!

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Re: Help setting up new WiFi router

Out of curiosity, what is the ethernet port on the wall of your home connected to?  I assume there is a gateway device somewhere in the house as ISPs don't usually just drop an ethernet line to home environments.  Assuming there is a gateway device, it may be bound to the MAC address of your old AC750.  I'd find that gateway device, power it down, unplug your new AX1800, plug in the gateway device, wait a few minutes, then plug back in your AX1800.  This is pretty general advice, knowing more about your specific networking environment in the house would be helpful.

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Re: Help setting up new WiFi router

What model NG router do you have? AX1800 is a wifi speed.

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Re: Help setting up new WiFi router

What was your old router as well? 

What ISP do you have? 

Is there a modem/gateway from them?

You state all the lights on the router are green but then later say the power light is orange/red. Whats actually going on with it? 

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