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Re: Nighthawk



I live in an area with poor line based internet but have very good 4G coverage on my mobile phone. How do I connect my mobile phone Hotspot to my home network using my Nighthawk R8000.


Thanks in Advance


Model: R8000|Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: Nighthawk

You might like to investigate devices designed for this purpose.


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Re: Nighthawk

I have your same conditions, I use a hotspot device from Sprint. I had an old solution that required me to rescan for the wireless signal from my wired pc with a NETIS WF2419 usually once or twice a month, if your looking to do it cheap and dont mind fixing the connection every now and then this unit sells for $15-25 dollars, it has 2.4ghz channels, right now I just bought and I am using an Ampedwireless RE2200T, it has an easy set up and has not dropped off yet. I asked your same question and did not find a Netgear product that seemed to be able to work, and no real answers came up either, Just other members saying look for something else but giving no solutions

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