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Re: RAX78 WAN port keeps asking for IP Address from gateway/router/firewall


RAX78 WAN port keeps asking for IP Address from gateway/router/firewall

Help! I'm just installing this RAX78 in place of the R8000P. The Internet port is set to Dynamic. I set a reservation in the gateway/router/firewall so that the RAX78 will have the IP Address that I want it to have. When I connect the WAN cable of the RAX78 to the LAN port of the gateway/router/firewall, it acquires the reserved IP address. But a second later, it loses that IP and re-acquire the same IP again. It keeps doing that preventing the RAX78 to provide "good" Internet connection to my devices connected to it. The Logs on the gateway/router/firewall confirms the repetitious giving of the reserved DHCP IP address to the RAX78. I thought it was the IP/MAC binding of the R8000P because I used the same IP address but rebound the MAC of the RAX78 to the IP address used by the R8000P. But it's not that because I deleted the binding and reserved it another un-used IP address and the IP/MAC binding is brand new. Still the same thing. So I set the Internet Port of the RAX78 to Static both gateway/router/firewall and RAX78 are communicating solid.


What is causing this? Could the WAN port of the RAX78 be bad? 

BTW, the RAX78 has the latest firmware.

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Re: RAX78 WAN port keeps asking for IP Address from gateway/router/firewall

I finally gave up on waiting for Netgear support to come back to me with answers to my case number!  I swapped back to production the Nighthawk X6S R8000P which was replaced by a RAX78 with bad WAN port.  I reset the RAX78 to factory default and plugged in the WAN port to a DHCP server from an old router.  The same thing, it continuously renews/releases the IP address that the DHCP server is giving to the WAN port. So it proves that the WAN port is bad in that it does not retain the IP address given by the DHCP server.  I was able to use it for a week because I hard-coded the IP address of the WAN port. 


My ticket with Netgear support was asking them if there is a fix for the WAN port issue.  If there's no fix whether they are going to send me a replacement or I will return it to Costco.  No response after one week.  So I took it down and I'll return it. 


I will probably not buy a Netgear product again.


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