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Telnet on R6700AX


Telnet on R6700AX

Hi... I just got this unit.  I am moving to Japan (and will have an apartment in Korea), but want to set it up/test/use before I leave.  So I need to be able to change the Region to "worldwide" to test the appropriate WIFI channels depending which country I use this in.


Open 10.0.0.xxx - "Could not open connection to the host, on port 23: Connect failed"


I've looked at the "debug" page for V1.0.1.80 - no option to enable Telnet


I dropped back to the earliest firmware (V1.0.1.78) - still no option to enable Telnet


I've tried telnetenable2 - didn't work


I've tried NTE, which also didn't work - C:\nte m=9CC9EBxxxxxx n=10.0.0.xxx u=xxx p=xxx [debug] 

debug: 0xffffffff .
MAC0: >9CC9EBxxxxxx<.
MAC1: >9CC9EBxxxxxx<.
user: >xxx<.
pass: >xxx<.
ai_family = 2, ai_socktype = 0, ai_protocol = 17
ai_addrlen = 16, ai_addr->sa_family = 2.
ai_flags = 0x00000004.
ai_addr->sa_data[ 2: 5] = 10.0.0.xxx
dns_resolve() sts = 0.
sock = 260, FD_SETSIZE = 64,
FD_ISSET( sock, &fds_rec) = 1.
pre-select(1). sock = 260.
select(1) sts = 0.
nte: FAIL. No ACK message received.


Any other ideas either to telnet in or other method to enable the region setting?


Tagging @antinode & @Steve_AES as you both seem to be engaged on this topic in other threads.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Telnet on R6700AX

had no luck getting my R8000 wireless region unlocked so bought a mesh setup 

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Re: Telnet on R6700AX

I should also mention that I am 100% I am using the LAN MAC ID in my NTE Command Line.  Here is some addtional information from some Hidden Pages:


Board Model ID : RAX1xseries
FW Version : V1.0.1.80  



Again, any help to set to Worldwide greatly appreciated.

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