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Orbi AX Firmware v3.2.10.11 makes VPN services unstable


Orbi AX Firmware v3.2.10.11 makes VPN services unstable

I use ethernet backhaul for my satellite and it worked fine with the previous firmware. But once the Orbi router and satellite updated to, I noticed that the VPN services like PIA / ExpressVPN always reconnects itself, no matter if the PC is using Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. I have tried setting CTS/RTS Threshold to 2347, but the issue persists.


Based on the comments in the community, looks like Netgear has failed to test the firmware properly.

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Re: Orbi AX Firmware v3.2.10.11 makes VPN services unstable

Yes, this is a serious fault introduced in v3.2.10.11. Netgear has now kindly removed this firmware from their update server.

Unfortunately, downgrading back to v3.2.9.2 does not help, even if it worked previously!

The issue seems to be related to the ISP lease renewal procedure. Connection-oriented sessions (like VPN, IPTV, video and audio streaming, Skype calls,.... etc) will disconnect every 10 minutes, yes exectly every 10 minutes. Not sure if the time varies with different ISP lease time durations.

Only fix to the issue is to downgrade to v3.1.5.23. But auto update will force you to update to v3.2.9.2 after some time.

Only thing that you can do now is to report this to Netgear Support, and wait until Netgear find a fix for this nasty fault. Hopefully soon!

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