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Separate 2.4 and 5 SSID's on RBR850


Separate 2.4 and 5 SSID's on RBR850

Hello, I have a new RBR850 WiFi6 Orbi Mesh system. Does anyone know how to setup two different SSIDs? One for 2.4 and one for 5? All directions on the internet and other posts don't work... Maybe outdated? Thank you!

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Re: Separate 2.4 and 5 SSID's on RBR850

I am not aware of any method to assign different SSID's to the 2.4G and 5G WiFi channels on the AX model Orbi's.

You are correct that there was a "hack" that could be exploited on the original Orbi, although the later firmware versions appear to have made it no longer work.


What is the reason for doing this?


If this is because some Internet of Things (IoT) device has proclaimed IN BIG LETTERS "MUST have 2.4G WiFi", I have some questions:

  • Have you actually attempted to connect the device using the smartphone app and just ignored all those WARNINGS until it actually failed?  Or..
  • Did you search on the internet and conclude that setting up different SSID's is the answer?

It is true that there are a handful of IoT devices where the smartphone app is so poorly written that the app sees the phone being connected at 5G and decides it will not proceed.  The device would be perfectly happy to connect to the Orbi WiFi (or Google, or Linksys, or whatever), but the damn app will not go on.


If you could supply the brand and model of device that you are attempting to connect, maybe someone has experience with that particular device and can suggest how to proceed.


Anyway...... These Orbi's cannot give different SSID's to 2.4G and 5G channels.  The new $1,500 Orbi 960 models have a separate SSID just for IoT devices and can separate SSID's.  But..... $1,500??????

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