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Changing Orbi Region


Changing Orbi Region


I have searched for a way to change the region from US to Europe. Here it is:


1) Enable telnet on router and satelite by enabling telnet on web management


 e.g. 192.168.1.x/debug.htm


2) Look at the instructions in this link (orbi has Atheros chip, it explains how to change it to russia, buy you can change to any region, play with the artmtd command, use help if needed):






Model: RBK50| Orbi AC3000 High-Performance Tri-Band WiFi System
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Re: Changing Orbi Region

Thanks for the tip.

I was looking for a way to change my region to NA to have at least a reasonable amount of power on the 5ghz band (my backhaul was at 20dbm leading to very poor backhaul speeds even at 20 feet and 1 wall-the satellite would switch over to 2.4ghz )

This is what worked for me:


a) telnet and verify region ->

artmtd -r region

should return current region


b) change region to NA

artmtd -w region NA


verify new region via (a) above


This alone does not change all the region settings, specifically the radio power as validated by "iwlist txpower" which remained the same even after the region change


I subsequently did a 30/30/30 reset followed by a regular reset


After this, I had to re-setup the device 

Post this, iwlist txpower showed me the expected power settings 

The backhaul is now 500mbps+ and the 5ghz radio range is significantly improved

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Re: Changing Orbi Region

Thanks for the info.


By the way, you can also set it to region free (WW).


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