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Help with purchase of Orbi RBK53


Help with purchase of Orbi RBK53

I've been researching mesh systems for my home. Several tech reviews rank Orbi best. Before purchasing, however, I'm hoping to understand a few remaining questions.


1. On the Netgear site and at several retailers, I am finding various hardware designations for both router and satellites in the RBK 53 system. What should the exact designation be to insure that I purchase the most up to date hardware? 
2. The hardware is shipped with 12 volt power adapters, yet several places indicate Lithium ion batteries required. Do all versions need batteries? Is this to maintain settings in the event of power loss?

3. User reviews on Amazon and elsewhere can be surprisingly critical of both Orbi hardware reliability and also tech support. I realize, of course, that those who feel unsatisfied are most likely to write a review, which skews the results. Should I worry?

4. We have Ring security cams with wired power on our home network. We have no Ring battery devices, which some report is an issue. Is there a known issue with the powered cams?


Based on my internet research, I think the Orbi RBK53 system best serves our needs. I just need clarification regarding the above questions. I appreciate any thoughts or recommendations you may have. Thank you!

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Re: Help with purchase of Orbi RBK53

Well wifi based  IoT alarm systems are not the best choice for an alarms or cameras though they can work fine.   Many wireless have battery issues too.  I prefer PoE cameras.




Model: RBK53|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi System
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