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ORBI RBR40 - no wifi broadcast


ORBI RBR40 - no wifi broadcast

I have an ORBI RBR40 with two satellites.  Today, it suddenly stopped "broadcasting" a wifi signal.  I used my old router and it works, so no problem with cable modem.  I tried factory resetting and the power on light just stays green.  I cut it on and off over and over.  I unplugged it.  I tried connecting my computer with an ethernet cable.  Nothing works.  Best Try (oops, meant Best Buy) basically told me that I could just buy another one.  After all, I wanted a $500 trio of bricks.  Any ideas of how else to fix the issue?


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Re: ORBI RBR40 - no wifi broadcast

When factory resetting the device make sure to hold the reset button for 10+ seconds the power light should go orange. If that does not work I suggest contacting support.





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