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ORBI connection to iPhone hotspot


ORBI connection to iPhone hotspot

I have an ORBI RBR50 router.  I’m trying to find out if I can use my iPhone hotspot as the internet source for my ORBI router and then use the ORBI to provide wireless access for my computer and a range of other devices.  If this can be done, I need reasonably detailed instructions on how to do it.  I have a copy of the ORBI user manual but can’t see how to do it from that.  Thanks.

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Re: ORBI connection to iPhone hotspot

Only way to do this if the iphone has a adapter that can put out internet via a ethernet cord.



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Re: ORBI connection to iPhone hotspot

What you would need is a router that supports wifi client/wifi bridge mode.  The router would connect to the iPhone wirelessly and then your Orbi would connect to one of the ethernet ports on the router.


Some Asus and TPLink routers have that built in to the stock firmware.  Others would require third-party firmware.



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