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Orbi RBK50 VLan Support


Orbi RBK50 VLan Support

Just purchased the Orbi in Australia. I need VLAN support. VLAN 100 specifically for DODO. From my read of the various threads out there most indicate that the Orbi does not support VLAN's. Some indicate that the Orbi supports some basic VLAN capability and that more advanced functions are coming. Can anyone share what 'basic' means and does anyone know when the more advanced firmware will be arriving? Without this I am dead in the water and will need to return the device for a refund. Like the idea of a meshed network but some basic network functionality would be nice on the Wan side of things. BTW: Netgear: don't dumb a box down so that tech-smart people cannot use it - Grrrr

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Re: Orbi RBK50 VLan Support

Hi @Ian-Aitken


What kind of VLAN you are looking for?

The latest firmware supports VLAN tagging for ISP. 

You may want to look at this feature by going into Advanced Setup and it's listed as VLAN/Bridge Settings. 


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