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Orbi RBK53 latest hardware


Orbi RBK53 latest hardware

Planning to purchase the Orbi RBK53 mesh system, and would like to order today, if I can. (I have a couple of days off work this coming week to work on set-up.)


I have a few outstanding questions posted yesterday, but will take these as it comes, I think. 

Checking with various vendors, hardware identification is unclear. I simply need to figure out how to tell if I'm buying the latest hardware.

Netgear website indicates a version 2, noted: 

RBR50v2   (router)

RBS50v2   (satellites)

I've not found these model numbers on Amazon or any other vendors!

Seeing RBK53S-100NAS on more than one source


Also finding RBK53S and RBK535 on Amazon vendors now.


I am confused by these varied designations.

Any clarification will be much appreciated. Thanks!


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Re: Orbi RBK53 latest hardware



Netgear support website will have this information.  Just type rbk53 and you should see 3 versions availble.  RBK53S-100NAS is from Costo, which is same as RBK53v2.  RBK53 is the first generation/version.


  • RBK53
  • RBK53S
  • RBK53v2

Good luck and welcome for Orbi family!

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