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Re: Orbi RBR50 - Avast Vulnerability Issue


Orbi RBR50 - Avast Vulnerability Issue

I currently have an Orbi RBR50 router with RKR50 satellite.  I'm running Avast Premier for anti-virus and when i run a network scan, it continues to detect vulenerabilities within my router.  Two different warnings pop up (yellow and red) and both read "Service is vulnerable to attacks from within your network".  It suggests I update my firmware, but this appears to be up to date.  I currenty have V2.1.2.18 installed.


Any suggestions to help resolve these warnings is much appreciated!

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Re: Orbi RBR50 - Avast Vulnerability Issue

I had same issue.  Tech support was no help but I discovered that the problem was with the guest network.  Even though it was not set up, the broadcast box was checked and the Security level was set at None.  Avast did not like this.  Log in, go to Guest Network, uncheck the broadcast box.  I also checked the appropriate security option just for good measure.  Then hit "apply".  Now when I run Avast, I dont get any security warnings.  FYI, I also tried setting up the guest network but that created another problem (much posted about this on other forums) so I don't recommend doing that.  

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