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RBR40 + Satellite - Little to no Range


RBR40 + Satellite - Little to no Range

Hey everyone -

I’m borderline desperate for help. My home is nearly 5000 sq/ft and I have terrible connection nearly everywhere in the house. I have the main router upstairs in a bedroom closer to the front of the house. I have the satellite set up downstairs a little closer to the back of the house. Many bedrooms, including my basement and my yard, do not get any connection whatsoever. My settings are all correct and I’m not sure what more I can do to get better coverage beside buying more satellites. I’m hesitating I’m doing that simply because I’m not getting the coverage I’d expect as it is. Is there any way I can tell if something is wrong or does anyone have any tips on improving coverage?
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Re: RBR40 + Satellite - Little to no Range

What is the distance between the router base and satellite? 30feet inbetween is a good starting point, depending upon building materials. Mines 5000sq ft and use a base router and just 1 satellite 40 feet in between, solid signal, coverage and rage. However base is upstairs on 2nd floor and satellite is at opposite end on main floor.


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