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RBR50, Draining mobile phone and tablet battery


Re: RBR50, Draining mobile phone and tablet battery

Just upgraded to v19112 a few days ago. Will be testing to see if the drain persists, I did notice alot of actual drops and switching. Eg: my phone reconnects to the Orbi vs being seamless.
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Re: RBR50, Draining mobile phone and tablet battery

I have completely turned off the 2.4GHz radio on the Orbi since I don't have any legacy devices and also disable beam forming and MUMIMO and all this has seemed to help with the battery drain somewhat but again these are only bandaids to a bigger problem the root cause still need to be addressed by Engineering.

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Re: RBR50, Draining mobile phone and tablet battery

I have been dealing with this issue since February purchase (2017).  It looks like my specific use case issue went away when I updated my Samsung Galexy Note 5 OS from 6.0.1 Marshmallow to 7.0 Nougat (not a recomendation from Netgear).  In fact, it seems that the Orbi/Nougat combination is draining the battery even less that the Netgear N600/Marshmallow setup I had before.  (Of course, that could be related to any number of Nougat system efficiencies.)   The open ticket I had with Netgear for my particular situation was closed.  We have another Note 5 from another carrier that isn't ready to be upgraded to Nougat that is still experiencing the problem.  I don't believe that the root cause of the issue was necessarily addressed, which is probably some kind of backward compatibility thing. 

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Re: RBR50, Draining mobile phone and tablet battery

Yes, this appears to still be happening.


Running Galaxy S7 with both os 6.x and 7,  I experienced drain on the phone over night.  Originally it was as high as 40% but as the Orbi FW got a bit better it dropped to about 25%...still not exceptable.


I currently run the ORBI with beamforming and mu-mimmo off ( no other settings changes )... this fixes the issue as phone now drops only 2-3% overnight while in standby. (


I do know that Netgear is working on the issue and maybe soon to resolve it

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Re: RBR50, Draining mobile phone and tablet battery

Just bought and installed this yesterday 10/28/17-- wifi speed and coverage are good, but all apple device batteries are draining rapidly -- 2 ipad airs, 2 iphones (6, 6S) and a brand new (September 2017) MacBook Pro. The MB Pro went from 98% battery overnight when sleeping to 64% this morning. Ipad Air went from 75% overnight to 17%. Iphone 6 dropped 5% in 5 minutes when using it this am to run speakeasy speedtest.

Has this problem been solved?



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Re: RBR50, Draining mobile phone and tablet battery

Do you have the latest firmware on your orbi this was a older issue that community members said was resolved with a firmware update.



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Re: RBR50, Draining mobile phone and tablet battery

My iPhones (iPhone 7) drain fast when WMM is enabled and slow when WMM is disabled on my Orbi.

Unfortunately, network performance suffers quite a bit when WMM is off, so I can’t leave it disabled. They get us coming and going...

Model: Orbi High-Performance AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System (RBK50)
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