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RBS50 v RBS20 - Does backhaul speed matter if it's all wired?


RBS50 v RBS20 - Does backhaul speed matter if it's all wired?

I have the RBR50 with RBS50 satellite which are connected via ethernet.


I wanted to add another RBS50 but for whatever reason it's not available in Australia unless I import at a ridiculous price.


Given that the only (I think) difference between a RBS20 and RBS50 is the backhaul speed, can I buy a RBS20 instead and connect via ethernet? Will the wifi backhaul speed difference then be irrelevant?



Model: RBR50|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi Router
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Re: RBS50 v RBS20 - Does backhaul speed matter if it's all wired?

If any RBS is wired then the back haul speed connects to what ever the wired speed is with this connection. Mostly 1000Mbps now days seen on LAN ports and switches. So if you wired connect a RBS50, then the back haul falls from 1733Mbps to 1000Mpbs. If you wire connect a RBS20, then the back haul rises from 866Mbps to 1000Mbps. 

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Re: RBS50 v RBS20 - Does backhaul speed matter if it's all wired?

Thanks for the reply.


So for wired it doesn't matter given that 1000mbps is more than fast enough. That being the case there seems to be no good reason to not get a cheaper RBS20 although I think the wifi range of the 20 is less than the 50? 


My thinking then is that the system speed would not change from AC2266 (400+866+1000) in either scenario if the backhauls are wired.


Also is it correct to say that I am better off using wired backhaul at 1000mbps rather than the theoritical 1733 of the RBS50? It sounds backwards going from a high of ac3000 to ac2266 however from what I know it would take perfect conditions to get near 1733 backhaul and in reality this should be discounted by 50%.




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