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Using Orbi in mixed wired and wireless environment


Using Orbi in mixed wired and wireless environment

I am considering installing an Orbi system for my wifi, but need to verify that it will work in my situation before I do.  I currently have a mixed wired and wireless system, with my ISP router providing DHCP services.  I work from home and my employer requires that my work computers be connected to a wired network.  I also have 2 printers which are wired and which I need to be able to access from my work printers as well as various family devices.  Additionally, my ISP router is located in the basement with wired connections going to my office and two other locations in the house (where my access points are currently located).  While not particulaly large, my house does have 2 large chimneys between the location of the router and locations where I need wifi, so I suspect I cannot locate the Orbi base in the basement next to the ISP router.  

My question is: is it possible to configure the Orbi routing to pass the printer traffic "upstream" from it so that the wireless devices can connect to the Orbi and still be able to reach the printers on the wired network (which I believe will be on the "WAN" side of the Orbi?


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Re: Using Orbi in mixed wired and wireless environment

This will work if you keep your ISP router providing the routing and DHCP functionalities and set Orbi in AP mode.


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