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Orbi WiFi 7 RBE973

New - RBE970 / RBE971 Firmware Version Released


New - RBE970 / RBE971 Firmware Version Released

Release notes: 01/24/2024



  • WiFi and backhaul stability improvements
  • System stability improvements
  • Client steering improvements
  • Backhaul connection type now displays a more readable name in the router web interface

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed several minor bugs

Download Link:



Firmware Update Instructions:

To update your router’s firmware, follow the instructions in your router’s user manual. To view your router’s user manual, visit https://www.netgear.com/support/product/RBE971.aspx#docs.



Be sure to update the RBS FIRST, then the RBR lastly. 

Please navigate to the link below for step-by-step instructions on how to update your RBR971/RBS970:




I HIGHLY recommend after the FW is loaded on the system and it's back to ready, power OFF all Orbi units and the ISP modem/ONT for 1 minute. Then back ON with the ISP modem/ONT first, then RBR then RBS. 


NOTE: Orbi app or the routers web page may not report seeing new FW updates. NG may not push this to there auto update services immediately and may activate the newer FW update being seen on there auto update services at a later time. User will have the choice to manually update if you want too.



If there is a FW updated seen on the RBRs web page and all RBS are online and connected with GOOD STATUS, you can select the UPDATE ALL button option to have the RBR update the RBS and RBR. Update All button is seen on the RBRs Firmware Update WEB page on the Check for Updates FW section of the page. Once FW has been checked for an update and all devices show the FW update is available, select the UPDATE ALL button. Give 5 minutes for the process to take place. 



NOTE: If continued problems are seen after a FW update, it's recommended to try a factory reset and setup from scratch with out loading any saved configurations from backup files. Use the ERASE button on the routers web page to factory reset the router:


This sends a Factory Reset command to any and all connected RBS as well.


Quick Installation Guide, User Manual and Spec Sheet is here:




This article applies to:


Let us know how it works for you...

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Re: New - RBE970 / RBE971 Firmware Version Released

If this is the same as the beta version that Straq made available to folks by DM, then I need to report that this beta works better for 2-3 days, but my whole network goes down about every 4 days, requiring a manual power cycle of the Router. When it goes down, the Orbi admin pages cannot be accessed even when my computer is connected via Cat6A cable to the primary router.

@Straq is aware of this and has a picture of my network map.

My satellites are wired at 10g speeds using XS508M switches and CAT 6A cable. Straq has the team doing internal testing to see if they can reproduce this issue with a similar network map.

I have reverted to the previous “stable” release to see if the issue now occurs with it. It hadn’t previously. We can’t have our whole network going offline every 4 days.

Is anyone seeing this issue?
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Re: New - RBE970 / RBE971 Firmware Version Released

Can you test with out the XS series switch in the mix to see if the problem continues while v9.11.0.1. 

Connect the RBS directly to the back of the RBR or connected them wirelessly. 



One issue I found with my 970 series is that if a managed switch was in the mix with the RBS connected behind this switch, Guest Network was not accessible and not working to connect anything too. I moved the managed switch and GN started working. I also have a XS505M and a GS110MX non managed switches and haven't seen any issues while using these switches in the middle. 


Had a factory reset and setup from scratch been performed to see if this stopped the network from going down while this version of FW was loaded? 

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Re: New - RBE970 / RBE971 Firmware Version Released

The XS508M that I have is an unmanaged switch. Unfortunately, too many important components of our home are hardwired through the switches, so I am not willing to remove them from the network.

I also am not willing to factory restore. I have too many assigned IP addresses and port forwards in place, and my life is too busy right now. Additionally, the problem never occurred on the previous version of the firmware. As I said, I am working with Straq directly on this. He is duplicating my network in a test environment to the best of his ability.

I will say, it is rather mind-boggling to me that this 10g LAN product was released without being tested on one of Netgear’s primary 10g switches. I am not happy to have paid so much money to be a beta tester. I am away too much with my job, and my family at the very least needs a stable network while I am gone.
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Re: New - RBE970 / RBE971 Firmware Version Released

Ok. FYI, there has been some testing on NG switch with this system. So there has been testing. My Switches were also tested as well. 


Hopefully NG can figure out what is happening on yours. 

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Re: New - RBE970 / RBE971 Firmware Version Released

Why has firmware been removed from site as of this morning? Can we expect a new/replacement version today? has been very unstable for many it seems, is there a security risk to keep using if its been pulled?
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Re: New - RBE970 / RBE971 Firmware Version Released

Will look into it. You may downgrade if you wish. 

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Re: New - RBE970 / RBE971 Firmware Version Released

Some of the satellite's statuses would go from good to poor (Though looks like a display issue.)
No need to downgrade unless you are experiencing issues.

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Re: New - RBE970 / RBE971 Firmware Version Released was much more stable for me than any of the previous releases.  I went from 7-8 restarts a day to 2-3 when I updated.

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Re: New - RBE970 / RBE971 Firmware Version Released

NG has pulled this version of FW from public access and use. 

NG is working on something new. No idea when however. We hope soon as possible. 

If your system is working good on this version of FW, you can keep it loaded.

If you find that your system is not working, you can downgrade the system to prior released version of FW. 


Please be patient. 


Thank you. 




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