Printer delay with Port Authentication - GC728X


Printer delay with Port Authentication - GC728X

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RADIUS server is a cloud based service where you have an agent installed on managed computers that authenticates you based on user credentials. Unmanaged devices (printers, AP, etc.) can be authenticated via MAC address.


Printer ports are set to authenticate as MAC based, setting MAB to Enable. After a few minutes, the port does authenticate with the RADIUS cloud server. The issue we are seeing is that there are delays in printing or the printer showing online, usually in the morning when the printer has been inactive overnight. They have to manually wake the printer up by going to the printer and clicking on a button to wake it up.

The delay seems to happen because the port is closed since the printer has not authenticated due to being asleep. I set the Periodic Reauthentication to Enable and changed the Reauthentication Period to 600. While we get less of the issue, it still seems to happen randomly. Is there anything else that can be done with the switches regarding stopping the delay of printing/port closing due to not authenticating since the printer is asleep?

Model: GC728X|Insight Managed 28-Port Gigabit Ethernet Smart Cloud Switch with 2 SFP and 2 SFP+ Fiber Ports
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Kindly try to update the firmware of the GC728X switch to the latest version which is v1.0.5.32 then check if the same problem will occur.  You can download firmware v1.0.5.32 here


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