Re: ProSafe Plus JGS516PE - All Amber LEDs


ProSafe Plus JGS516PE - All Amber LEDs

I have a ProSafe Plus JGS516PE switch which has been working great for the last couple of years, however this morning we had no network throughout the house. In checking the JGS516PE, I noticed that all ports (including ports without any cables connected) were lit amber. I power cycled the switch a few times and the issue persisted, so I attempted to use the 'Factory Defaults' switch several times, however the issue remains.


Please let me know if there are other troubleshooting steps I should try.

Model: JGS516PE|ProSafe Plus 16 ports switch with PoE
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Re: ProSafe Plus JGS516PE - All Amber LEDs



Since you have already factory reset your JGS516PE several times and still the same problem, your JGS516PE needs to be replaced.  Kindly access this link then click on the "Guided Assistance" button and follow the online instructions.  





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Re: ProSafe Plus JGS516PE - All Amber LEDs

Common symptom of failing power supply.  If you cannot provide sales documentation or whatever else is needed in order to avail yourself of the free replacement lifetime warranty you might consider opening up the switch and looking at the large electrolytic capacitors on the power supply board, and if any of them are bulging/or split, replace ALL electrolytic capacitors on the supply board.

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