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*OLD* ReadyNASOS 6.6.1-T230 (Beta 4) *OLD*


*OLD* ReadyNASOS 6.6.1-T230 (Beta 4) *OLD*

Latest beta: ReadyNASOS 6.6.1-T230 (Beta 4)

To install: Click on appropriate link above for your system to download firmware image.
Then upload that image from the management UI's System->Settings->Update->Install Firmware section.



  1. [Beta 1] Fixed a few management system offline issues when encountering malformed configuration files.
  2. [Beta 1] Fixed system hangs when using RAID6 volumes. (RN204/RN214)
  3. [Beta 1] Fixed crash during boot time on systems that are not programmed with a valid serial number. (RN102/104/2120/202/204/212/214)
  4. [Beta 1] Fixed file write failures using WebDAV.
  5. [Beta 1] Fixed UPS power event notifications not being sent.
  6. [Beta 1] Fixed "Dirty COW" vulnerability. (CVE-2016-5195)
  7. [Beta 1] Fixed system log persistence on systems factory defaulted on 6.6.0.
  8. [Beta 1] Fixed issue where USB or eSATA external storage devices may not be recognized when hot-plugged.
  9. [Beta 1] Fixed potential management system crash when viewing ReadyDR job status.
  10. [Beta 1] Improved intermittent disk spinups immediately after spindown.
  11. [Beta 1] Fixed accessability of accented characters from MacOS clients.
  12. [Beta 1] Fixed Guest/Anonymous authentication for SMB backup jobs against Windows 10 file servers.
  13. [Beta 1] Added automatic recovery of bad iTunes server media databases.
  14. [Beta 1] Fixed an issue where failed DNS lookups could cause very long delays, which could affect ReadyCLOUD or Active Directory services.
  15. [Beta 2] Fixed Wake-on-LAN functionality. (RN516/716)
  16. [Beta 2] Fixed reversed DNS server priority.  Previously secondary DNS servers may have been tried first.
  17. [Beta 2] Preserve USB storage device name after formatting from the GUI.
  18. [Beta 2] Fixed swapped PSU numbering. (RR3312/4312)
  19. [Beta 3] Removed some unnecessary restrictions on share and user names beginning with c_, m_, b_, or r_.
  20. [Beta 3] Fixed UPS connection errors with some UPS models.
  21. [Beta 4] Update ReadyNAS Vault to the latest version.
  22. [Beta 4] Various security updates.
  23. [Beta 4] Fixed serial number display for MTP media backup of Apple devices.
  24. [Beta 4] Fixed ReadyDR snapshot timestamp difference between source and destination.
  25. [Beta 4] Added "Spin up to take snapshots" functionality.
  26. [Beta 4] Fixed issue where apps would fail to upload and install.



  • Unless you are advised by NETGEAR Support in a support case to update to beta software, NETGEAR Support may deny support if you are running beta software. You can seek help here on the NETGEAR Community for issues encountered on the beta.
  • Devices updated with 6.6.0 firmware cannot be downgraded to earlier firmware versions.
  • ReadyNAS 102, 104, and 2120 must not be updated directly to 6.6.x from 6.3.x or older firmware.  They must first be updated to either 6.2.5 or 6.3.5 then to 6.5.2 and then onto 6.6.x
  • ReadyNAS 202, 204, 212 and 212 must not be updated directly to 6.6.x from 6.3.x. They must first be updated to 6.3.5 then 6.5.2 and then onto 6.6.x



  • Some apps in the Available Apps list are currently incompatible with ReadyNASOS 6.6.1.
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