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Any affordable Router with DFS Support?


Any affordable Router with DFS Support?

Hey guys,

I need an any affordable router with a DFS channel support on 5Ghz band. I'm not necessarily talking about creating an AP on DFS channel but I am planning to use the router in client mode and I require a router that can connect to an AP on DFS channel, because for some reason my ISP is always using DFS channels. I would be glad if anyone can help me.


Example routers in my budget range are :

1. R6220

2. R6080

3. R6260



Model: Dual Band
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Re: Any affordable Router with DFS Support?

I'm likely to late for you? But after a long chase of any DFS channels, I settled with a EX7000 AP and EX7000 EXT pair. I bought a refurb ex7000 to replace the r7000p I waited to long to be able to get rid of it.    Since my moden had a router built in I went the AP/EXT route to get from barn to house. The EX7000 I bought  with 2 year warrenty for $50. As far as I can see this will work for me for at least 2 years. Then If netgear actually unlocks DFS on the R7000P  I will use it again? Or try DD-WRT?  So now I do have DFS to barn and avoid 2g where no one used only 1 6 11 and some use 40mhz wide on 2,4,8 slowing down everone else. I am at a place in Maine on vaccation that has an AX20  WIIFI 6 with no DFS. LizardSystems WI-FI shows only non DFS channels in advance details. I have little faith that any vendor will give DFS in lower priced  device in the next two years. In hindsight I would have bought to cheap refab instead of R7000P and EX7000. Live and learn!


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