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Changing WiFi Network


Changing WiFi Network

I have a NetGear R6220-100NA router; purchased it in December 2019.  Last night (July 18, 2022) I could not get on the internet.  Every time I tried to get on, it said this site can not be reached.  Every time I clicked on Spectrum, NetGear screen would pop up instructing me to put in a new password.  At first I thought it was a scam.  Well, after exhausting all alternatives to get on the internet, I decided to go ahead and change my WiFi network to Netgear.  As soon as I did that in addition to putting in a password and answering the security questions, it says "Congratulations!  You are successfully connected to the Internet".  My internet problem was then resolved!  Is that normal procedure for NetGear to instruct you to change passwords?

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Re: Changing WiFi Network

It could be the firmware updated. You used to be able to use really basic passwords for the admin login. With changing to needing extra requirements, some devices needed to be reinstalled. Not sure if thats what happened to your but if updating the password fixed it, that might be the case. 

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