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C6300 firmware update

Re: C6300 firmware update


Sorry you are having this problem also. I am sure there are a lot of us out there. It's a shame we have to spend our hard earned money to replace a fairly new product just because the company can't guarantee a simple update. Now I will always be buying my modem/router through the cable company and never a retail store. Expensive lesson learned.

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Re: C6300 firmware update

Xfinity has stated as of TODAY 5/23/2018 that there is a BUG in the firmware for the C6300 and they cant help us with our connectivity until Netgear fixes the BUG. There seems to be anough people having the same issue and Netgear is taking no responsibility.

Model: C6300|AC1750 Cable Modem Router Docsis 3.0,C6300BD-1TLAUS|DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Gateway Wi-Fi AC
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Re: C6300 firmware update

Same here... Comcast could not help me after 2 hours talking to them. Calling Netgear next. It is utterly ridicilous that Comcast along with Netgear are governing pice of hardware that I own.

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Re: C6300 firmware update

Good luck with Netgear. The only support contact I could get from them was this community board. And after a while the basic response was "Oh well, you're just out of luck. Thanks for your purchase." No alternate fix, no small compensation, no real apology. Heck I couldn't even get the courtesy of a conversation with a rep. Just this community board. 

 It is certainly beginning to sound that way. I am not a sue happy person. But I certainly will never again buy a Netgear product even though I used to be a loyal customer. And I certainly let everybody I know be aware of there business practice. 

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Re: C6300 firmware update


I am also having this issue. I had a conference call with Cox Communications and a Netgear representative and neither side was able to provide a solution. Since I own the modem Cox stated that they will not provide the update becuase if my modem became unresponsive then they would be responsible for its replacement. The C6300 has no options for the user to push a firmware update and this is a glaring security issue for this device. Has Netgear been able to resolve this issue in any way? There are no options in the GUI to check for a firmware update and visiting the support site for the C6300 reveals no solotuions for this issue.


-Concerned User

Model: C6300|AC1750 Cable Modem Router Docsis 3.0
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Re: C6300 firmware update

C6300 became a very expensive paper weight. Ended up purchasing Arris SB8200 modem and new Linksys Velop mash. Speeds are now back to over 100 M. Never to purchase another NETGEAR product again.
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Re: C6300 firmware update

I had long talk with Netgear support. They stated that netgear has supplied firmware that will work. Xfinity spent 4 houra at my home and downloaded the firmware many times. The netgear c6300 still qould not connect. I think that all people who have experienced this shoumd get together and take action. These companies should not be allowed to get away with this kind of service. For myself i will be asking for a return if the money i paid for the useless product. A ckass action would be a better approach. I hope with this type of service netgear goes out of business. Maybe their competitors should offer a discou nt if we turned in out netgear product and bought theirs.

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Re: C6300 firmware update

I also have a very nice Arris Cable Modem / WiFi combo router and when I checked the GUI interface I wasn't able to update that device's firmware either. Are there any devices out there that can be udpated by the user? We shouldn't be forced to lease a router from our ISP.

Model: C6300BD-1TLAUS|DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Gateway Wi-Fi AC
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Re: C6300 firmware update

Netgear claims this is across the board with all cable modems. However several reps from my cable company claim they have never heard of such a thing. So who even knows what to believe. And I believe Netgear is having it's own special problems with their updates. I understand the point of the cable company not updating equipment that is not theirs. But if I buy a modem over the counter I believe it should then have a disclaimer about updates. Of course sales would go horribly down so it's easier to keep the customer in the dark and keep profits rolling in.

I finally broke down and purchased, rather than leased, a modem/router from my cable company. It pained me to give more money to them but it was good, fairly priced Arris equipment. And at least it gets the updates it needs.

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Re: C6300 firmware update

I have  a top of the line,

Nighthawk X4S DOCSIS® 3.1 Ultra-High Speed Cable Modem Router c-7800

it is not listed as having a firmware update available with spectrum on your list:


Cable Modem Routers:

Internet Service Provider N450 (CG3000DV2) C3000/C3700 C6220 C6250 C6300 C6900 C7000 C7000v2 C7100V C7500 C7800 Cable Orbi (CBK/CBR40)
Comcast (Deployed Firmware) V3.01.17 V2.02.17 V1.01.26 V1.01.24 V2.01.26 V1.01.26 V1.01.28 V1.02.08 V2.01.33 V1.01.32 V3.01.38 V1.01.05
Spectrum (Approved Firmware) V3.01.17 V2.02.18 V1.01.26 V1.01.26 V2.01.22 V1.01.27 V1.01.29 V1.02.09 N/A V1.01.32 N/A V1.01.05
Cox (Approved Firmware) V3.01.16 V2.02.17 V1.01.15 V1.01.24 V2.01.18 V1.01.21 V1.01.28 V1.02.08 N/A V1.01.23 V3.01.36 V1.01.05
All other ISPs (Current Production Firmware) V1.02.10 V2.02.08 V1.01.17 V1.01.13 V2.01.18 V1.01.21 V1.01.23 V1.02.06 N/A V1.01.32 V3.01.36 V1.01.05


I really wish to re-flash my firmware as a result of concerns about vpnfilter attack. I do not wish to be sending out beacon that I have been compromised. I am not sure that I have been, but as a precaution. This should be allowed. Please make it possible to reinstall current version of firmware, as it is my equipment and I should not have to depend on a third party to support/protect my equipment in such a manner. I fully understand that allowing consumers to upgrade to unstable firmware/ISPprovider combinations would be a bad place to be as a technology company; but please allow us to access as conscientious purchasers of your products to at least have the option of keeping our fine products un molested by male-ware. Leaving us without options will force us to look for companies that will.

I am regretting purchasing the combined box, modem with router, because of only a single firmware that is so controlled. Please find a way to give us some access. Sincerely, formerly ecstatic customer, that is a CTO and Network administrator.


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Re: C6300 firmware update

@theselfthinker Netgear's hands are tied in this matter the DOCSIS standard mandates that cable modem firmware is not to be allowed to be updated by end users/customers. In order to protect Cable companies and ISP's from issues and problems resulting in service theft, CableLabs and their DOCSIS specification require all firmware updates to go through ISP.  You should be able to find more info on this on the  CableLabs website https://www.cablelabs.com. If you are really worried about VPNfilter malware I would suggest contacting your service provider and ask them to push the current fw to your device again. 

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Re: C6300 firmware update

Have you even read this thread!? That is the problem most of us have. The service provider won't provide the update and claim they have never even heard of doing such a thing. Maybe you should send that link to all the service providers instead of your frustrated customers.

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