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CAX80 Compatibility and Spectrum Cable


CAX80 Compatibility and Spectrum Cable

Tried to install a CAX80 Modem/Router to replace my Spectrum supplied Modem and Router as I want to build a mesh network with EAX80s (I have two of them) so my wife and I can get internet anywhere in the house.  I checked Spectrum's compatibility list on their website and the CAX80 is listed as compatible and certified device as does the support.netgear.com website.  Tried to connect the CAX80 and it got both the upstream and downstream connections but no internet connection.  Called Spectrum and found out my internet connection is symmetrical 1Gb (both upload and download) and there are NO 3rd-party modem/routers that are compatible.  NONE!  So beware!


Second, I tried to use the CAX80 as a router only and connected it to the Spectrum modem 2.5 Gb ethernet connections.  I then called Netgear and found out you can't use a CAX80 as a router only.  So I'm going to return it.


A real bummer,


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Re: CAX80 Compatibility and Spectrum Cable

I'm not surprised. Its a challenge to find any accurate information from spectrum on what their "approved modems" are for symmetrical speed. 

and the CAX80 goes into a boot loop without a connection. 

If you're wanting something with similar specs (but no modem), the RAX80 is pretty cheap renewed on amazon (if you don't mind renewed). 

I'd be cautious running 2x EAX80's if they're in mesh mode. they have great coverage but I usually only recommend using 1 of them. If you're needing more than 1, its usually better to switch over to a full mesh system like Orbi so that there is something controlling the "mesh" for better stability. 

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