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CM1100 - 3 Day Old, keeps disconnection with high upstream power, using Spectrum


CM1100 - 3 Day Old, keeps disconnection with high upstream power, using Spectrum

Just got my modem 3 days ago and set it up.  Had a Spectrum tech come out yesterday and took out extra splitters and checked all my signals.  I don't think it made much a difference.  My upstream power hovers around 51-52 dB so any flucutations to that spikes it over 53 dB and causes a T3 error and disconnect.


Almost every Spectrum rep wants to blame my for using my own equipment, even though I had this problem with my old modem and bought this modem to upgrade.  I just had it re-provisioned this morning after a factory reset of the modem and the issue is still happening.


My coax is running straight from a grounding box to my outlet, then to a splitter that goes to my HD-DVR box and my modem.  There was am amp there before that the tech took out yesterday; he said it was bad.  However, before the tech visit and after, I did not see a noticable change in upstream power. 


Is there anything I can do?  Would exchanging the modem for another CM1100 have any difference?  I'm not sure it would, as when there is connection, the model works great, but the disconnects happen sometimes every minute.

Model: CM1100|Nighthawk Multi-Gig Speed Cable Modem—DOCSIS 3.1
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Re: CM1100 - 3 Day Old, keeps disconnection with high upstream power, using Spectrum

Modem Status:

Apply             Cancel    
Frequency start Value
This field below allows you to modify the frequency the cable modem start with its scan during initialization and registration. Enter the new start frequency and restart the cable modem for it to take effect.
Starting Frequency

<tabindex=-1>Startup Procedure</tabindex=-1>

Acquire Downstream Channel777000000 HzLocked
Connectivity StateOKOperational
Boot StateOKOperational
IP Provisioning ModeHonor MDDIPv4 only

<tabindex=-1>Downstream Bonded Channels</tabindex=-1>

ChannelLock StatusModulationChannel IDFrequencyPowerSNR / MERUnerrored CodewordsCorrectable CodewordsUncorrectable Codewords
1LockedQAM25628777000000 Hz-3.4 dBmV42.0 dB11562486319602806
2LockedQAM2561615000000 Hz0.2 dBmV43.6 dB11448263047596042
3LockedQAM2562621000000 Hz0.5 dBmV43.4 dB11448028847555886
4LockedQAM2563627000000 Hz0.4 dBmV43.8 dB11448490343695681
5LockedQAM2564633000000 Hz-0.2 dBmV43.5 dB11448886541345424
6LockedQAM2565639000000 Hz0.0 dBmV43.7 dB11449265940215240
7LockedQAM2566645000000 Hz0.0 dBmV43.5 dB11449591939175175
8LockedQAM2567651000000 Hz-0.2 dBmV43.4 dB11449961238515067
9LockedQAM2568657000000 Hz-0.6 dBmV43.4 dB11450292436544684
10LockedQAM2569663000000 Hz-0.8 dBmV43.3 dB11450793235054461
11LockedQAM25610669000000 Hz-0.9 dBmV43.1 dB11451211035174279
12LockedQAM25611675000000 Hz-1.5 dBmV42.6 dB11451578633044310
13LockedQAM25612681000000 Hz-2.1 dBmV42.6 dB11451967733174263
14LockedQAM25613687000000 Hz-1.7 dBmV42.6 dB11452332531294266
15LockedQAM25614693000000 Hz-1.5 dBmV42.6 dB11452660731814094
16LockedQAM25615699000000 Hz-1.7 dBmV42.5 dB11453188731573861
17LockedQAM25616705000000 Hz-1.9 dBmV42.2 dB11453543530724596
18LockedQAM25617711000000 Hz-1.4 dBmV42.3 dB11454011228023708
19LockedQAM25618717000000 Hz-0.9 dBmV42.7 dB11454432426553504
20LockedQAM25619723000000 Hz-1.5 dBmV42.6 dB11454819624973442
21LockedQAM25620729000000 Hz-1.6 dBmV42.5 dB11455205724643434
22LockedQAM25621735000000 Hz-1.4 dBmV42.9 dB11455602023453271
23LockedQAM25622741000000 Hz-1.3 dBmV43.0 dB11456020721263014
24LockedQAM25623747000000 Hz-1.9 dBmV42.8 dB11456375923962999
25LockedQAM25624753000000 Hz-2.2 dBmV42.6 dB11456768020273026
26LockedQAM25625759000000 Hz-1.9 dBmV42.8 dB11457179521312969
27LockedQAM25626765000000 Hz-2.2 dBmV42.8 dB11457559320622805
28LockedQAM25627771000000 Hz-2.7 dBmV42.4 dB11457991620062881
29LockedQAM25629783000000 Hz-2.6 dBmV42.6 dB11460360219112843
30LockedQAM25630789000000 Hz-2.3 dBmV42.7 dB11458799517192595
31LockedQAM25631795000000 Hz-2.8 dBmV42.3 dB11459133516892554
32Not LockedUnknown00 Hz0.0 dBmV0.0 dB000

<tabindex=-1>Upstream Bonded Channels (Partial Service)</tabindex=-1>

ChannelLock StatusModulationChannel IDFrequencyPower
1LockedATDMA117600000 Hz51.3 dBmV
2LockedATDMA224000000 Hz52.8 dBmV
3LockedATDMA330400000 Hz58.8 dBmV
4LockedATDMA436800000 Hz53.3 dBmV
5Not LockedUnknown00 Hz0.0 dBmV
6Not LockedUnknown00 Hz0.0 dBmV
7Not LockedUnknown00 Hz0.0 dBmV
8Not LockedUnknown00 Hz0.0 dBmV

<tabindex=-1>Downstream OFDM Channels</tabindex=-1>

ChannelLock StatusModulation / Profile IDChannel IDFrequencyPowerSNR / MERActive Subcarrier Number RangeUnerrored CodewordsCorrectable CodewordsUncorrectable Codewords
1Locked0, 1, 2, 255159848000000 Hz-3.0 dBmV39.8 dB1108 ~ 298730128183521015473925
2Not Locked0, 25500 Hz1.9 dBmV0.0 dB0 ~ 4095000

<tabindex=-1>Upstream OFDMA Channels</tabindex=-1>

ChannelLock StatusModulation / Profile IDChannel IDFrequencyPower
1Not LockedUnknown00 Hz0 dBmV
2Not LockedUnknown00 Hz0 dBmV
Model: CM1000|Ultra-High Speed Cable Modem—DOCSIS® 3.1 Ready
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Re: CM1100 - 3 Day Old, keeps disconnection with high upstream power, using Spectrum

I have a Spectrum Ticket if this helps:




Model: CM1100|Nighthawk Multi-Gig Speed Cable Modem—DOCSIS 3.1
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Re: CM1100 - 3 Day Old, keeps disconnection with high upstream power, using Spectrum

Have the ISP check the signal and line quality UP to the modem. 
Be sure there are no coax cable line splitters in the between the modem and ISP service box. 
Be sure your using good quality RG6 coax cable up to the modem. 
Be sure to power OFF the modem for 1 minute them back ON.

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