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CM600High Speed Cable Modem DOCSIS 3.0


CM600High Speed Cable Modem DOCSIS 3.0

Moved in to my New House installed my Modem and it does not work. I called Cox Comunication they came out inspected my Modem and said it does not work. I am renting from Cox. Does my Modem have a warranty?

Model: CM600|CM600 High Speed Cable Modem
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Re: CM600High Speed Cable Modem DOCSIS 3.0

Does it power up?  If so, try and activate it over the phone and take screenshots of what the logs/admin interface show - post them here.  You can bring up the interface by going to in your browser.


What ISP did you have before you moved?  Did you try resetting modem via small the button on the back of it?


Wondering if your issue is related to this post: https://community.netgear.com/t5/Cable-Modems-Routers/Cable-Modem-CM600-stuck-in-IPv6-mode-how-do-I-...


Seem in the above post, the previous provider set the modem in "IPv6 Provisioning" mode.  I have Cox in Northeast Ohio, my modem shows "IPv4 Provisioning" mode.

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