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Cannot update firmware on C7000v2. Cannot change timezone.


Cannot update firmware on C7000v2. Cannot change timezone.

Bear with me, as I will provide all the details of the steps I've taken to remedy this issue (that I genuinely think there may not be a solution to).


Today, I setup a used Nighthawk AC1900 (C7000v2) with Spectrum ISP. All went swimmingly, but where I began to run into issues is through the Nighthawk app throwing "firmware needs to be updated, proceed to routerlogin.net", and blocking me from utilizing the app. Following the link to routerlogin.net led me to page that implied I wasn't connected to the router (I was).


As an alternative, I accessed Netgear Genie via gateway IP address. I noticed that the firmware was a good bit out of date, but I was not getting thrown a "firmware update available" message. I read through many other threads that:

  1. This is likely the most recent firmware that Spectrum supports, and that I may be at a dead end
  2. it's possible that the timezone of my router is not appropriately set

As there's not a whole lot I can do about Item A, I worked to resolve Item B. Found some videos online implying that the way to change this timezone setting is through Advanced->Security->Schedule (or Email in some cases). In all of those videos, there is a timezone dropdown at the bottom of either the Schedule or Email section. In my case, the screen looks near identical to those videos, EXCEPT there is no Timezone modifier. HOWEVER, I notice in the Schedule section that it provides a static current time line that reads 1 hour behind my actual current time. I've attached screenshots of the Schedule and Email sections of Genie for reference.


So, Netgear Gang, I have two questions here:

  1. Am I completely out of luck updating firmware until Spectrum magically decides to support something more recent than v1.02.09?
    1. And with that, am I doing myself a disservice/killing my speeds in long run by even using the Nighthawk?


I'll tag a few folks that I've seen respond to other threads regarding this matter:

@plemans @FURRYe38 



Thanks in advance to anyone who responds,


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Re: Cannot update firmware on C7000v2. Cannot change timezone.

The C and CM series modems don't support user updates for FW. 


This has to come from the ISP. 


Has a factory reset and setup from scratch been performed since last FW update? A complete pull of the power adapters for a period of time after the factory reset then walk thru the setup wizard and setup from scratch with a wired PC and web browser. https://kb.netgear.com/22697/How-do-I-install-my-NETGEAR-router-using-the-router-web-interface
Recommend setting the default DHCP IP address pool range to the following after applying and a factory reset: 192.168.#.100 to 192.168.#.200.


What time zone are you in and what time zone is set on the modem? 

What browser are you using? Try a different browser, MS Edge or Firefox or Opera.


Please post a copy and paste of the modems connection status and event log page.


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