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Trying to get a Netgear C7800 to work without cable internet


Trying to get a Netgear C7800 to work without cable internet

I live in a remote area, and the internet we have is provided via LTE signal to a BEC Airconnect 8110 Router, which then provides the wifi to our house. I had a Netgear C7800 in the garage and want to see if I can use it in addition to the Airconnect Router to provide better wifi to the house. So Airconnect receives the LTE signal, but then I want the C7800 to provide the wifi (attempting to do so via ethernet from the Airconnect)


I can only get ethernet out of the Airconnect, so I can't give the C7800 the coaxial cable that it usually receives. Any thoughts on ways to make this work? or is it even possible?

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Re: Trying to get a Netgear C7800 to work without cable internet

there used to be a work around to make it function as a sort of access point but I've heard a report or 2 of them auto-rebooting when they don't detect a coax signal. Not sure if that'd be the case with yours so you can try the work around. 

Follow this guide for the c6300. should still be the same process. 



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