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Windows permission issues. Windows / Linux share


Windows permission issues. Windows / Linux share

I have an issue that popped up a while ago on my share on my C6250-100NAS.  On my Windows 10 machines, I am able to access the mapped share,  browse, view, open and create files on the share using the file explorer,  however once I try to edit and save to the created file, I am unable to do so,  with the error message being that I do not have permission to open the file.  this error pops up for all programs that have tried to save to the NAS that are running windows.  This issue happens on wifi and wired, and I have permissions set to full controll for everyone.  The Linux machines access the NAS properly and are able to save as intended.    I'm assuming its a windows issue, and that the router is not handing down all the correct permissions.  however I'm out of ideas on how to fix this,  and am looking for suggestions.  Thanks!

Model: C6250-1AZNAS|AC1600 WiFi Cable Modem Router
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