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driver confusion


driver confusion

I have just had a clean install on windows 7 home premium 64 bit.Drivers are not making sense to me. Telstra USB 4g netgear modem. Sierra Wireless Aircard 320U Telstra Mobile Broadband Manager ucm 3.10.20205 Driver 6.1.7601.17514 Windows Device Manager Sierra Wireless WWAN modem 11.5.1005.5 Sierra Wireless WWAN network adapter 6.20.17 USB Controllers Sierra Wireless WWAN device Could someone help me with this. I do not know anything about what drivers are supposed to be here, and some of them are from 2011. Could someone let me know what should be there, and what should be updated. Telstra says the Mobile Broadband Manager ucm is fine.

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Re: driver confusion

Hello kd3p2m5esn


I would remove the drivers and start with the one I linked below which should be the latest driver.






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Re: driver confusion

Thank you for replying.  I have not been able to sign in lately. During school holidays my internet connection is pretty slow. I did download the latest driver from

Netgear, and then the modem would not work at all, or Telstra Mobile Broadband Manager ucm. Had to uninstall the driver and reinstall Broadband Manager again.

Now I have the added issue of windows 7 event viewer giving me error 5009 constantly. SWNC83 cannot be found or the files are corrupted. Device\NDMP.

Sierra Wireless WWan Network Adapter, and I do not know how to repair this. I do not wish to reinstall windows again, as I have just finished updating everything

after a computer technician installed windows 7, and I had no audio, and a big red cross on the internet box. Once I reinstalled it these issues were no longer there.

I also wondered why you cannot have a static ip address with telstra 4g, as this also causes constant errors, as the ip address continually changes.

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