CG3000Dv2 Readyshare quit working.

I've had this same modem for a few months now and the Readyshare was working properly.  I just recently discovered within a week that it's no longer being discovered by my home network nor the Netgear interface. 


My Netgear information:

Hardware VersionR2.05A2
Firmware VersionV3.01.14


According to Netgear's website the firmware version should be V3.01.16.  I've called  Cox communication, the isp, requesting for the firmware to be pushed through.  They claim they have no tools on their end to perform this and say I must call the manufacturer.  Netgear while under warranty wants me to enroll in their GearHead - Networking Support for Home Products when I report them of what Cox Communications states. 


My external hard drive USB:

Seagate STEB3000100

When plugged into the wifi cable modem the blue light remains solid. 

SeagateSeagateIndicator light for USB does not turn on.Indicator light for USB does not turn on.

 Help please. 


Model: CG3000D|DOCSIS 3.0 Wireless Cable Modem
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Re: CG3000Dv2 Readyshare quit working.

which OS are you using? 

If it is Win10, did you install win10 creators update?


I am guessing your readyshare was working and recently stopped working. 

Can you please enable (NOT DISABLE) SMB1.0/CIFS again and check (also uncheck automatic removal of it)



we have released new FW to cox last year to be send to all their customers but it has not been ceritifed by Cox yet. 



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