New C6250-100NAS Slow 2.4Ghz Speeds


New C6250-100NAS Slow 2.4Ghz Speeds

I got this modem/router less than 1 week ago. Firmware version V1.02.02. LAN speeds are in line with what I pay for through Comcast; usually hovers around 200Mb/s, sometimes going as high as 225Mb/s. The 5Ghz channel gets me around the same speeds. 2.4Ghz, on the other hand, routinely gets me only around 30Mb/s. I've tested this on a Lenovo Thinkpad E480 and a Pixel 4XL using Ookla's speedtest. I would use just the 5Ghz channel, but I have some 2.4Ghz-only devices and I'd like for them to be functional moreso than they are. In addition to the slow speeds, it also seems to drop connection regularly.


Any help would be appreciated.

Model: C6250|AC1600 WiFi Cable Modem Router
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Re: New C6250-100NAS Slow 2.4Ghz Speeds

2.4Ghz doesn't have same performances as 5Ghz will. Also some 2.4Ghz wifi devices are limited by there design and support. 5Ghz will have better speed performances than 2.4Ghz will. Especially on a older model wifi modem. What your seeing on 2.4Ghz will be around the norm.

Wired speeds will always have best performances over wireless.


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