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Disney Circle Subscription Fees?


Disney Circle Subscription Fees?

Why is Netgear/Disney charging a $5/month subscription for Disney Circle Premium on the Netgear router, when you can buy the Disney hardware for a one-time fee of $100?


What advantage does Netgear have to justify spending a perpetual $5/month?



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Re: Disney Circle Subscription Fees?

I believe the only difference being that you already own the netgear router, so are just paying for the partnered service between Netgear and Disney Circle. The external Circle hardware would just be to add the functionality to a router that doesn't already support it.
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Re: Disney Circle Subscription Fees?

Are there any alternatives?
I'm extremely disappointed that the parental control function costs 5 usd per month. The basic free subscription is lackluster...

When I purchased my orbi router system I expected that a top of the line device would have this functionality built in. Other cheaper devices surely do...

This is an example of delivering watered down functionality and then charging a subscription to get back to a decent level....
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Re: Disney Circle Subscription Fees?

The whole reason I purchased this router is for disney circle because Circle Home had ip address glitches that support could not solve.  I have now found out that I have to pay for a service that Circle Home provides for free.  I am now returning the Netgear router.

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Re: Disney Circle Subscription Fees?

After paying a great deal of money for the Orbi system - I am truly shocked that this functionality is reliant on a costly monthly subscription.


Why is Netgear doing this?


If you want Parental Controls - ah yes we do that - Circle! +monthly sub.

If you want Security - ah yes we do that too, Armor +monthly Sub.


Sure, there's "free" access to Circle - but the power switch is as flexible and as much use.

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Re: Disney Circle Subscription Fees?

+1 for being extremely unsatisfied about this subscription. I did my research on the Circle functions but it didn’t mention a subscription anywhere I looked. Only for a mobile service. This function was the only reason I upgraded my router to an Orbi now they want £46 per year as well! If I need this for another 10 years until my youngest is 16 then that’s going to be nearly £500 extra I will need to pay. Very disappointed and plan to return the router!
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