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Parental Controls

Hi there,.  I've been using OpenDNS to provide parent controls but haven't been happy with some of the filtering.  Tried to change to Circle to try it out but App gets stuck with "Your router is compatible" and just keeps cycling through this screen.   Having given up I went to re-activate openDNS (which is now inactive)  It tells me I need to disable parent controls to do this (despite the "parent controls") tab saying they are inactive.    There is nothing I can turn off.  Can't go back and can't go forward.  Any ideas?  Thanks

Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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NETGEAR Moderator

Re: Parental Controls

Hi @kiwifruit, welcome to the community! Please make sure that the router is on the latest firmware version found here and you can check the steps here to update the firmware. As for enabling Circle, please try using another mobile device (iOS or Android) and see if the issue will persist.



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Re: Parental Controls

Hi Dexter

Thanks for the reply.

I had been using an iOS device to do it but it kept cycling through.   It was also updated to the latest operating system.   Ended up factory resetting the router and resetting things up with OpenDNS.


Happy with how things are working now so will continue with that.



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