BR200 ipv6 auto config


BR200 ipv6 auto config

Hello all,


I'm trying to use ipv6 on my network. My network has a modem router that get's a ipv6 /64 address from the provider. The modem router is configured to SLAAC. Behind the modem router I have the BR200. The modem router is connected to the WAN port of the BR200.

When enabling auto config for ipv6 I get the ipv6 for the BR200's WAN with the correct prefix. This looks fine to me.

What I now want is that my LAN is also configured for ipv6, but I am not sure how to achieve that. The LAN is now set to auto config also, but it say's:

Router's IPv6 Address On LAN     Not Available

On this auto config page I am not able to change that.


If you can give me some advice that would be nice.

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Re: BR200 ipv6 auto config



Welcome to the community! Smiley Happy


Kindly check pages 30-31 of the BR200 user manual here on How to Use Auto Config for an IPv6 Internet connection.  Hope it helps. 






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