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Manage IPSEC, VLAN and VPN with BR200 Insight Managed Business Router


Manage IPSEC, VLAN and VPN with BR200 Insight Managed Business Router



Introducing the new Insight Managed Security router, an affordable, high-performance router for home offices, small businesses.
With the BR200, you can monitor and configure your router’s security with a single touch or click on your smartphone or laptop. Remotely manage your business router with NETGEAR Insight remote management system, configure your VLAN and IPsec, see the status of your devices, and update device FW automatically.

The BR200 Business Router also includes a firewall to protect your business from any intrusion. Remotely monitor and manage all your Insight-managed devices from a single interface, including your new business router.
The Insight Business Router is fully monitored and managed through NETGEAR Insight, both locally and remotely.


The NETGEAR Insight Business Router includes:

  • 1 WAN Ethernet port and 4 LAN Ethernet ports
  • Remote/Cloud management and monitoring all from a single pane of glass
  • Firewall capabilities to protect against intrusion and secure your business
  • 2-year hardware warranty with next business day replacement, 90-day phone and chat support
  • Open VPN to allow configure remote VPN connections
  • IPSec configuration to create secure site-to-site connections


NETGEAR Insight provides:

  • The router’s hardware status, temperature, port speeds, CPU load, and memory utilization
  • Firewall rule configuration and update, NAT traversal, port forwarding, FTP
  • VLAN management
  • IPsec configurations

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