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Device Bandwidth Monitoring for the Orbi Pro Wifi 6

Would love to see bandwidth monitoring functionality added to the Orbi Pro Wifi 6. 

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Please be much more specific - otherwise there will be endless iterations, or what you request will never happen.


Bandwidth is data volume over time - like what you see on your car tach in km/h or MPH - so you want a table or graph or whatever of bandwidth used at a moment, within a minute, by hour, or what? And this on the Internet/WAN port, the LAN ports, the wireless radios, by VLAN, by radio SSID/VLAN, or what? And then in which direction - inbound, outbound, both....?


Or are you behind a counter for data volume for a defined time window (configurable, e.g. first to last day of the month) upload and download on the Internet side? Or you want to see the amount of data sent and received by [W]LAN devices routed from/to the Internet?