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Configure VLANs on Netgear GS752TPv2 with Hyper-V VMs


Configure VLANs on Netgear GS752TPv2 with Hyper-V VMs


I have two Hyper-V hosts which host 3 VMs each. Each VM has been configured with different VLAN on Hyper-V settings.
On the other side, I have a firewall whose interface is configured with the same host's subnet, and there are many sub-interfaces created to be used as a gateway for each VM. (Graph attached)

If the two hosts are connected to the unmanaged switch (Red Lines), all VMs and hosts are connected to their gateways worked fine and reach the internet.
When those hosts are connected to the Netgear managed switch, I can't reach the VM's gateway or the internet.

As I have experience with Cisco config, I don't want to go through all the tests done while configuring the Netgear managed switch. What I want to know now if you can help me with is the best configuration needed to allow all VMs' VLANs to pass by the managed switch and reach the gateway including the Hosts.

I hope the attached graph is clear enough and provide the needed info which shows the VLANs number, IPs and port used on the managed switch.
Please let me know if you need more info.
Thank you.



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